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Ori`kanosii websites

PostWysłany: 22 Gru 2020, 01:56
przez Sh'ehn
Topic for listing our favourite non-polish websites about Mandalorians and Star Wars in general. Let`s share some websites other tha wookieepedia that are either useful or just interesting (or both, of course). I can begin : )

This is my favourite website with mando`a dictionary. I have noticed that unfortunatelly in our translated version some words have lost additional meanings. (For example word "back", which can mean both a direction and part of the body has only one translation. Or, for that matter, all conjunctives). I have been using this website for past few years, it`s simple and has two-language "search" feature (though eventually I always end up using ctrl+f).

I think all of us know the nick of Erik Stormtrooper, fan who brought to us mandalorian alphabeth. I reccomend this site mainly as a source of most star wars fonts; and a nice database about fonts` history - but I have noticed that it has many more features.

What can I add - the list is open. We`re waiting for Your suggestions T If You`ve stumbled upon some interesting star wars websites, please share the addresses and write few words of short descriptions. Thank You!