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For new users.

Postprzez Delta13 » 17 Lip 2013, 14:01

Olarom! Welcome to Polish Mandalorian community’s forum. First let me introduce some rules we would like you to follow.

1'st And most important we have chain of command which should be respected. KEDIN mark by red color with our Mandalor X-Yuri on top supported by Al’Verd Gajowy and Radok and moderators Delta13 and Dinuirar.

2'nd We are taking care of gramar and ortography, so please use capital leters and punctuation marks as they should be used.

3'rd Plese remember about manners, don't use vulgar words without a reson, don't insult anyone. If you had been insulted don't try to revenge if none of moderators reacted contact them.

Despite fact that only this part is in English please feel free to watch other threads and comment. If you need any help please send private message to me (Delta13).
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Re: For new users.

Postprzez Merel » 26 Gru 2021, 01:42

It's been a long time since this topic came out and a lot of things have changed. The people in the chain of command have changed.
Our Mandalor is currently Marik supported by Al'Verd Dhadral, Radok, Behot, Merel (myself). If you have questions or problems, you can write to me directly. I will reply as soon as possible. Meanwhile, make yourself comfortable and make yourself at home.

Nie jestem narzędziem rządu ani nikogo innego. Walka była jedyną rzeczą, w której byłem dobry. Ale ... przynajmniej zawsze walczyłem o to, w co wierzyłem.
a.k.a. bev
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